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Grant Rubric

All Innovation Grant Applications will be judged using the following rubric:



The Foundation For Public School Education In Bulloch County

Innovation Grant Results Form


Grant Id Number_­­__________________________          Total Points   _______________________________     


grant title__________________________________________________ Amount Awarded_____________________



Component Directions Descriptors to Assist
in Scoring Points



X Weight Points


  Possible Points = 20

Briefly outline the project you are proposing and communicate the need and key points of your grant.

  • Clearly defined key points
  • Innovative
  • Realistic



Possible Points = 10

List two Project Objectives (aligned with School’s Improvement Plan, and the Georgia Performance Standard) and indicate results you want to achieve.

  • Measurable outcomes are defined
  • Aligns with and supports:
    • Georgia Milestone Objection
    • School Improvement Plan


Possible Points = 10

Describe the target population of learners and the total number of students served by this project.

  • Defines and documents academic need with data
  • Includes description of targeted students
  • number of students the grant will impact
PROJECT DESIGN   Possible Points = 15

Outline the major tasks/activities (including timelines) to meet the project objectives. Grant activities must be completed within the school year.

  • Includes timeline of major tasks/ activities
  • Defines specific goals and benchmarks
RESULTS/ EVALUATION   Possible Points = 15

Explain how you will show that you met project goals and objectives and how your project benefited the targeted population.

Two or more of the following assessments are included:

  • Performance tasks
  • Student Project, Product, or Portfolio
  • Teacher Observation Instrument
  • Standardized Tests

Possible Points = 10

Outline specifically how you will spend the grant funds and itemize project expenditures.

  • Costs are itemized
  • Budget is appropriate
  • Budget is reasonable

Possible Points = 10

Tell how you will develop partnerships within your school, with community/organizations, and other schools.  Will you use volunteers and tap other resources/services?

Evidence of collaboration with one or more of the following group(s)  is documented:

  • Within the School
  • Other Bulloch County Schools
  • Schools Outside Bulloch County
  • Parents and/or Volunteers
  • Community or Civic Groups


Possible Points = 10

Establish how you will share results of this project with colleagues, community, and Foundation. Examples: newsletter, website, local media, or conference presentation.

  • Gives evidence of how the results of the project are disseminated
  • Gives evidence of who the project is shared with


Brief Comments by Judge __________________________________________________________________________