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Georgia Climate Surveys

We value parent, student and employee input; therefore, our schools participate in the Georgia Department of Education’s (GaDOE) annual school climate surveys.  The 2017-18 survey window is open through March 2, 2018. The results will go into our district's School Climate Star Ratings, which are part of each school's annual College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI). These three surveys are being conducted by all of Georgia’s public schools.


The GaDOE will not make the surveys’ raw data results public, but a school’s CCRPI scores, including its School Climate Star Rating are made public annually. Current Climate Star Ratings and CCRPI scores for our school are posted on the district’s website at and in the district’s Focus Annual Report, available online or in print form at the Central Office.


Georgia Parent Survey

The Georgia Parent Survey is 24 questions.  Parents may use their personal computers, smartphones or iPads to complete the survey.  Parents that do not have access to the Internet, may contact the school to schedule a time to complete the survey at the school. 


Georgia Student Health Survey II

There are three versions of the Georgia Student Health Survey: (1) third - fifth grades; (2) sixth – eighth grades; and (3) ninth - twelfth grades. These are brief, 15 minute surveys. Please encourage students to take the questions seriously and answer truthfully. The results are used to guide each school's School Climate Initiatives, provide direction for health curriculum, provide goals for drug prevention education, and more.


Georgia School Personnel Survey






Key Contacts

Hayley Greene
Public Relations & Marketing Specialist
912.212.8512 or 912.536.2827

What is a Climate Star Rating?

 Fiscal Year 2018 Ratings (based on 2016-17 surveys and data)


Out of 5 Possible Stars

BES   3    PMHS  3
JPBES    3 SZES  2
MLES   3 SHS  3
MCES   3 SES  3
NES   4 WJMS  3
PES   3    


The district received a Financial Efficiency Rating (PDF) of 3.5 out of 5 stars.