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REACH Georgia Scholars

2013 Cohort
Amaya Brown, LCMS/SHS
Kailana Low, LCMS/SHS
Aisley Scarboro, PMHS
Amonica Kirkland, PMHS
De’Neshia Jones, SEB

2014 Cohort
Nancy Martinez, LCMS/SHS
Destiny Hartwell, LCMS/SHS
Alberto Rodriguez, LCMS/SHS
Michael Vescio, WJMS/SHS 
Brian Phillips, Jr., WJMS/SHS

2015 Cohort
Conley Roberson, WJMS/SHS 
Chris Angel, LCMS/SHS
Taylor Cone, LCMS/SHS
Jadon Jones, LCMS/SHS
Jean Delfin-Uscanga, PMHS

2016 Cohort
Ciaji Wallace, LCMS/SHS
Cynthia Martinez, LCMS/SHS
Elizabeth Osorio, LCMS/SHS

2017 Cohort
Jordan Glover, WJMS/SHS
Kiara Raymond, PMHS
Teresita Mendoza, LCMS/SHS
Joanna Reyes, SEBMS/SEBHS
Maritza Figueroa, SEBMS/SEBHS
Kelsey Walker, Claxton Middle/WJMS/SHS

2018 Cohort
Karina Cobos-Hernandez, SEBMS/SHS
Cayla Frazier, WJMS/SHS
Ariyana Jenkins, LCMS/SHS
Charity Murray-Davis, WJMS/SHS
Ja'Laya Saunders, PMHS

2019 Cohort
Gage Bunch,PMS
Emily Xochicale-Flores,LCMS
Catherine Garcia,LCMS
Cage Hickman,SEBMS
Terrance Johnson, Jr.,WJMS
Candace Jones,SEBMS
Arumy VenegasLCMS

REACH Georgia Scholarship

REACH Georgia is a needs-based mentoring and scholarship program designed to ensure that the state’s academically promising students have the academic, social, and financial support needed to graduate from high school and complete college.  Bulloch County is one of five school systems that the state initially selected to pilot the program. The Georgia Student Finance Corporation holds the scholarships for scholars until they graduate from high school.

More than 63 colleges and universities in Georgia have agreed to double-match and some triple-match these scholarships. All funds raised (100 percent) for REACH Georgia locally go to future recipients.

Bulloch County’s 2013 through 2017 scholars now have a combined total of $500,000 invested in their education in addition to any other scholarships them may receive.  Our REACH Georgia scholars are successful middle school and high school students who work hard to annually meet the program's rigorous academic, attendance, and behavior criteria. Each November the school system names five additional REACH Scholars

Eligible students must meet the following requirements: (1) be currently be in the eighth grade at a participating, eligible Georgia middle school; (2) demonstrate financial need; (3) have legal status in the U.S. (U.S. citizen or legal resident); (4) have and agree to maintain above average attendance and behavior; (5) have grade reports reflecting minimum grades of 75 or better in each core course (2.5 GPA); (6) have and agree to maintain a crime-free and drug-free record; and (7) have the support of a parent, legal guardian, or other committed adult.

As a pilot school system, BCS was originally awarded a total of ten $10,000 scholarships by the state. As a participating school system, Bulloch County Schools had to  identify a local corporate sponsor to continue the program. In Bulloch County, the Bulloch County Foundation for Public Education is currently the sole sponsor that keeps this program active in our community. The Foundation donates $7,500 ($1,500 per student) to help fund the $10,000 base scholarships. You can help in this effort by contributing to the Foundation, supporting its fundraisers or by becoming a corporate sponsor of the program.  Donations are tax deductible. 

Reach Georgia Cohorts

Note: REACH Georgia scholars are selected in their eighth-grade year, so their Bulloch County cohort relates to that year, not their graduation year. Scholars must maintain consistent eligibility throughout their five years in the program. Scholars may be added or removed from a cohort if they are either a REACH scholar who transferred into our school system from another public school district, or if they are a scholar within our school district who became ineligible.

Key Contacts

Student Support Services

Dr. Deborah Mangum
Executive Director

Melissa Jackson
Administrative Assistant

Renee Perry

Tim Rountree

Transitions Learning Center

Keith Wilkey
Director of School Social Work & Homeless Liaison

Hanson Filson
School Social Worker 

Shyrae Mutcherson
School Social Worker & DFACS Liaison

Alexandra Hill
School Social Worker 

Sharon Hill