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Cohort 1 Graduates

Aspiring Leaders Cohort 1

February 2016 Graduates

Cohort 1 Alumni List (PDF)

Cohort 2 Graduates


Cohort 2 Leaders (PDF)

(Apr. '16 - Feb. '17)

Aspiring Leaders Program

Bulloch County Schools' Aspiring Leaders Program is designed to support our school system's aspiring employee leaders. The classes are taught by JoAnn Brown of the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement. The program provides an understanding of how a strong sense of our district’s essentials of leadership along with professional skills and competencies help to shape effectiveness as a leader.


Aspiring Leaders are current assistant principals or teacher leaders who are preparing for future leadership roles within Bulloch County Schools. Aspiring Leaders have the capability to make a significant difference in the current and future performance of student achievement and organizational effectiveness within our school district.


Certification Requirements:

Aspiring Leader potential candidates should meet one of the following certification requirements prior to completing the program application:

1) Hold an up-to-date Georgia Professional Standards Commission leadership certificate (PDF).

2) Willing to enroll in a university leadership development program that will lead to L-5, L-6 or L-7 leadership certification.

3) Hold a district-recognized leadership position.


Program Application:

In addition to meeting the certification requirements, candidates for Aspiring Leaders Cohort 2 must submit a completed application (PDF) by the established deadline.


Candidate Interview:

Candidates who meet the initial criteria and who are selected to move into the second phase of the selection process will participate in a face-to-face interview. Interviews will be conducted by a leadership panel and will focus on behavioral interview questions.


Final Selection:

Final selection of candidates will be reviewed by Monica Lanier, Assistant Superintendent. Upon review and approval, candidates will be notified of their selection into a Cohort.


BCS Aspiring Leaders Program Participation:

Once selected, program participants will be required to attend all sessions of professional learning that comprise the Aspiring Leaders curriculum. Participants are expected to participate actively in the discussions, assignments, and experiences and to abide by established cohort norms. Participants will be awarded five PLUs upon completion of all course requirements.

Classes are scheduled from 9:00 – 2:00, and a complete schedule is posted on this webpage.  


Kelly Spence
Director of Teacher & Leader Effectiveness 

Amanda McQuaig
Certification Specialist


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Inaugural Class for Cohort #2

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Class 6 - Planning & Assessment

Class 7 - Planning & Assessment

Class 8 - Communication, Community Relations & Professionalism

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