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Graduation Ceremonies

Commencement video adWe are happy to announce that our three high schools will premiere their 2020 Commencement videos online on Saturday, June 6, at 10 a.m.  We hope families enjoy watching these events.  We celebrate each child's success.

The videos will be available on each school's Facebook page, and they are available here to view or download a copy.

Graduation Requirements

Parents and students should note that to be a candidate for graduation and obtain a high school diploma, a student must meet the State of Georgia's graduation requirements.  These requirements are based on the number of credits a student has successfully earned, not attending high school for four years and being classified as a senior in high school.  If a high school student has ever failed a class and not successfully recovered those course credits, then the student may not be on track to graduate with his or her class. Parents and students should review the student's course information on Campus Portal or speak to your school counselor.  Ask about course recovery options at your school or through the school district's Graduation Performance Academy which may keep the student on track to graduate.