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Ways to Help Children Read

11 Ways to Help Children Read

  1. Read aloud to your child. No app replaces your lap.
  2. Incorporate phonological awareness activities such as
    • reading nursery rhymes
    • play “I Spy” with beginning sounds
    • teach your child separate sounds in words (ex: |b| |u| |g|)
  3. Teach letters and sounds.
  4. Practice word families. (Ex: Pig-replace “p” with “w”. What do you have? Wig)
  5. Practice decoding–look at a word and sound it out.
  6. Listen to your child read.
  7. Build vocabulary–learn new words from the story.
  8. Stop and ask questions while reading to assist with comprehension.
  9. Have them retell a story.
  10. Encourage writing.
  11. Make reading a regular activity in your home.
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