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Medical Services

School Nurses
School Nursing Staff
Each of our schools has a trained registered nurse on staff.  For many children, our nurses are the first line of medical care. They see an average of 75 students per day.  Nurses treat children with the usual headaches, stomach aches, fevers, strains and sprains, head lice, and acute injuries. They also help treat any health issues that arise with faculty and staff members. 
School nurses help manage the care of students with diagnosed conditions like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and asthma.  They oversee on-site care and medicines which need to be dispensed at school and help teach children about their disease.  
They conduct hearing and vision tests for children who may not have received this care from a pediatrician or health department. 
Our nurses teach CPR to school staff, and they are part of the certified emergency response team at every school.

Medical Information & Services Forms

Register required immunizations and health screenings

Register basic medical information

Providing this information will authorize to administer medication/health procedure/treatment to my child. I agree to provide a new physician’s order if there is any change in medication, dosage, administration time, or procedure/treatment. I agree to furnish all equipment, supplies, medications, formulas, or other necessary items and to provide replacements and maintenance as necessary.

Register medical clearance to play a sport

Register medical services needed for school

Medical & Nursing Contacts

Leslie Schlierf, Executive Director

Special Education Services



Kathy Wood, Lead Nurse



Susan Mullis, Nurse

Brooklet Elementary School



Shelby Conner, Nurse

Julia P. Bryant Elementary



Karen Thigpen, Nurse

Langston Chapel Elementary



Mark Anderson, Nurse

Gloria Anderson, Nurse

Langston Chapel Middle



LaShundra Staten, Nurse

Mattie Lively Elementary



Charanne Pittman, Nurse

Mill Creek Elementary



Kelli Kenan, Nurse

Nevils Elementary



Beverly Stewart, Nurse

Portal Elementary



Lee Street, Nurse

Portal Middle High



Jessica Gunter, Nurse

Sallie Zetterower Elementary



Kelly LeCroy, Nurse

Southeast Bulloch Middle



Sabrina Nordeoff, Nurse

Southeast Bulloch High



Brenda Shumate, Nurse

Stephanie Gagne, Nurse

Statesboro High School



Jennifer Knipher, Nurse

Stilson Elementary



Renea Durrence, Nurse

William James Middle