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Welcome to Our Schools

Bulloch County Schools is a public, pre-kindergarten through twelfth-grade school system located in southeast Georgia. It is our mission to prepare students for success and enhance community value. 

We are the 38th largest school district in Georgia. Our school system is Statesboro and Bulloch County's second-largest employer with more than 2,100 full-time, part-time, substitute, seasonal and contracted services employees.  

We serve more than 11,000 students in a consolidated system with 15 campuses and three alternative learning centers: Cedarwood, the Transitions Learning Center, and the Graduation Performance Academy. We fully embrace the diversity of our students who represent 18 nationalities, 24 languages, and many unique abilities. In fact, we recently asked our students to express what diversity means to them.  We listened, and the ideas they shared through art, music, and the written word, have been showcased in a video that we use to help guide our community’s and organization’s conversations, planning, and training. Be sure to view the video.

Bulloch County is an education community with choices of public, private, charter, and homeschool K-12 options. There are  three post-secondary institutions within the county (Georgia Southern University, East Georgia State College and Ogeechee Technical College). Our students and faculty benefit from the partnerships we have built with these education partners. 


Bulloch County Schools and each of its schools faithfully engage in an international re-accreditation process every five years. This process allows us to share how our employees collaborate in professional learning communities, analyze student performance data, look at root causes, develop plans and act to improve our schools. It's a time for objective input from peer professionals and part of our continuous improvement culture. 

AdvancED (Now known as Cognia) conducted a Quality Assurance Review on March 5-8, 2017, and determined that our school district and each of our schools met the Accreditation Standards for a Quality School system. Our next Quality Assurance Review is scheduled for 2022.

Strategic Waivers School System

Bulloch County Schools is a strategic-waivers school system through the Georgia Department of Education's flexibility options. Learn more about Strategic Waivers School System.

Optimization of Resources

Resource optimization is a key strategic goal area in the school system’s strategic plan. A recognition like the ones listed below are an indication of the positive work being done in this area.

Financial Efficiency

Bulloch County Schools is known at the state and national level for having sound financial management. To see the school system's most recent audits, visit the Business Services & Operations area of our website.

  • Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts (GDAA): GDAA has recognized the Bulloch County Board of Education (BOE). The BOE has been a recipient of the GDAA's  Award of Distinction for Excellent Financial Reporting. The award is presented to qualifying public school systems and two-year and four-year colleges and universities in Georgia, who strive not just for best financial practices but better. Typically less than 15 percent of the state's school systems receive this honor out of the state’s 181 public school districts. 

To receive the award, organizations must meet the following criteria: (1) Provide full supporting documentation to substantiate financial statements; (2) Provide financial statements in a timely manner; (3) Ensure all evidence is easy to locate and use for audit; (4) Have responsive managers that resolve all accounting standards and presentation issues in a timely manner; (5) Have key staff readily available and cooperative during the audit and not delay finalizing the audit; (6) Have no significant deficiencies or material weaknesses noted during the audit. Must have no more than three to five control deficiencies reported within the management letter; (7) Have a clear, unmodified audit opinion; and (8) Comply with all Transparency in Government requirements.


  • Standard & Poor's Ratings Service (S&P): In the last 10 years, S&P, the nation’s second leading bond rating firm, has raised its school issuer credit rating on Bulloch County School's general obligation bonds three times. Now at a rating of AA Minus, according to a recent  RatingsDirect® Summary, the district’s consistently favorable financial performance despite a recession and ongoing state revenue pressures and the school district’s “pro-active budget management,” are some of the primary reasons for the increases. This is a positive indication of the school district’s underlying credit rating, and resource management.


  • AdvancED (Now known as Cognia): In the school system’s most recent accreditation process, AdvancEd commended the school system on its proactive fiscal planning and actions that have consistently placed the system on a firm financial foundation.

Faculty Professional Development

Bulloch County Schools has a culture of building leadership capacity within its schools and Central Office. The school district has multiple ways that it trains leaders from within its pool of skilled, valuable employees: New Teacher Induction & Mentoring Program;  professional learning communities;  training through the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement; on-site professional development days for faculty and staff which are built into the school calendar; and the district's 11-month Aspiring Leaders program which trains faculty leaders who aspire to become administrators.


These training and collaboration opportunities help ensure that the school district's leadership and faculty are effectively trained and empowered to carry out the district's strategic plan and school-level improvement plans. Education partners like the First District Regional Education Service Agency, the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement, the Georgia Department of Education  also partner with the district  to ensure well-trained faculty in standards-based classrooms, professional learning communities, school improvement planning, state curriculum standards, instructional technology and data analysis tools, and more.

College & Career Readiness

Bulloch County Schools selects quality academic curriculum to support teaching Georgia's Standards of Excellence. The district has dual-enrollment agreements with each of the three local post-secondary colleges and universities and offers honors and Advanced Placement instruction. 

We focus on finding the best workforce development model to match our community assets with the K-12 classroom instruction we offer in our Career Technical & Agricultural Education program's career pathways. Through partnerships we've built with Ogeechee Technical College and our local industry, students receive valuable career exploration, training, work-based learning, and apprenticeship opportunities.

Facilities & Technology Investment

Bulloch County voters have successfully passed four Education Special Local Option Sales Tax  referendums since 2003. This has resulted in nearly $200 million in new construction, safety and technology upgrades, and capital improvements to our school facilities.

Stakeholder & Community Support

We strive to establish effective, open and continuous dialogue between our schools, parents, administrators, post-secondary partners and business and industry leaders.  We work to significantly increase community involvement, spur innovation and increase collaboration.  We are committed to continually working with the community to decide how to best use resources to do what is best for students.  Learn more about our Speak Up for Education events about our Speak Up for Education events.