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Return to School Plan Safety Protocols

These are the key points about the public health precautions that the school district will continue to implement district-wide for the 2021-2022 school year to help prevent illness.  If you have questions, need more information, or would like to offer feedback to our return-to-school plan and its safety protocols, contact 912.212.8500 or contact us by email.

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Face Masks
  • No to Moderately-High Spread 
    • Masks are not required; traditional school setting
  • High Spread 
    • Masks are not required but are strongly encouraged especially in settings where social distancing is difficult to accomplish: buses, hallway transitions, school meal distribution, student drop-off and pick-up, etc.
    • Masks will be made available by the school district for students and employees
Social Distance
  • No to Moderately-High Spread 
    • Traditional school setting for all schools
  • High Spread 
    • Not required but strongly encouraged
      • In classrooms: Social distance when feasible; Remove extra furniture when feasible; Primary assigned seating when feasible; Rooms arranged with students facing same direction when feasible.
      • Lockers and Locker Rooms: Use of lockers may be limited.
      • At Recess: Stay with individual class when possible
      • During Student Drop Off/Pick Up: Each school will develop a plan that is appropriate to their school to maintain social distancing.
      • School Bus Loading & Unloading: Additional staging areas and staff will be put in place to oversee this process at each school.
      • Physical Education Locker Rooms:  Middle and high schools will not require students to dress out for physical education in order to participate.
      • Extra-curricular events, meetings, and field trips: 
        • Parent Teacher Organization meetings will be all held virtually.
        • Performances and assemblies may be rescheduled or suspended.
        • Monitor common areas in schools to dispel and discourage congregating in groups
        • Middle/High clubs will be monitored to ensure social distancing is feasible with group size (perhaps consider multiple meetings).
Screening Protocol
Sick Employee or Student Protocol
  • No to High Spread
    • Sick students will be sent to the school nurse for evaluation, and we will contact parents to pick up the child immediately.  Sick employees will be sent home immediately.
Hygiene Practices
  • No to High Spread
    • Students and employees will be reminded of proper hygiene practices.
    • Proper hygiene signs will be displayed throughout schools and offices.
    • The school district will set up hand sanitizer stations throughout schools and provide bottles of sanitizer for each individual classroom and office.
Clean & Disinfect
  • No to Moderately-High Spread
    • Common touch points and bathrooms will be cleaned routinely.
    • Ventilation systems will be regularly monitored
  • High Spread
    • Common touch points will be cleaned and sanitized between each use when feasible.
    • Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized more frequently throughout the day.
    • Ventilation systems will be regularly monitored.
School Meal Services
  • No to Moderately-High Spread
    • Our school cafeterias will provide meal service in a traditional cafeteria setting.
  • High Spread
    • Our school cafeterias will provide meal service but seating capacity will be limited.
    • Classes will rotate eating in classrooms and cafeteria .
    • When feasible, students will sit on one side of tables.
  • No to Moderately-High Spread
    • Traditional recess will be allowed with no restrictions
  • High Spread
    • Recess will be allowed but students will be encouraged to stay with their class when feasible.
Bus Transportation
  • No to Moderately-High Spread
    • School buses will be disinfected routinely.
  • High Spread
    • School buses will be disinfected after each route.
    • Family members will be asked to sit together and all other students will be encouraged to spread out.
Field Trips
  • No to Moderately-High Spread
    • Field trips will be allowed
  • High Spread
    • Field trips will be limited or eliminated.
Extracurricular & Athletic Events
  • No to High Spread
    • Bulloch County Schools will follow guidelines from applicable state associations that govern the extracurricular or athletic events.  Athletic events are governed by the Georgia High School Association's guidelines.
Instructional Model
  • No to Moderately-High Spread
    • Bulloch County Schools will offer families a choice of either traditional face-to-face instruction or our virtual learning program.
  • High Spread
    • Traditional face-to-face and virtual instruction will continue, but the district will implement its distance learning plan as needed to best accommodate students who may be isolated or quarrantined .