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Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines

Parents/Guardians may register their child online for Pre-K when the announced Pre-kindergarten registration window opens, or they can make an appointment to visit their zoned elementary school and register via one of their available kiosks if they do no have access to an Internet-enabled device.

Pre-Kindergarten Registration for the 2021-2022 school opened on Monday, February 8, 2021 and will remain open throughout the school year; however, If you wished to be considered for the lottery drawing for available spaces, your child's registration had to be completed online by midnight on March 12, 2021. 

To register for Pre-Kindergarten, parents & children must meet the following guidelines:

Who May Attend a Pre-Kindergarten Site at a Public School ?
All children in the United States are entitled to equal access to a basic public elementary and secondary education regardless of their actual or perceived race, color, national origin, citizenship, immigration status, or the status of their parents/guardians. School districts that prohibit, discourage, or maintain policies that have the effect of prohibiting or discouraging children from enrolling in schools because they or their parents/guardians are not U.S. citizens or are undocumented may be in violation of Federal law.

Number of Pre-Kindergarten Sites & Spaces
The Georgia Department of Early Learning (also known as Bright from the Start) administers Georgia Pre-K and Bulloch County Schools hosts Pre-K sites at each of its nine elementary schools and two of its three high school campuses. Unlike grades K-12 for which the school district must accommodate each child in Bulloch County who registers for school, Pre-Kindergarten is an optional program, and the Georgia Department of Early Learning decides and approves how many sites the school district can host. This does limit the number of children who can be registered, but we do provide a lottery drawing and a waiting list for our sites, and we also provide lists of other Pre-K sites in the community.

Bulloch County Schools has 11 pre-k sites,  with 20 classes of 18 to 22 children each for a total of 436 available seats. For this reason, demand may exceed space, so it is important to register during the annually announced online registration period. Even if you feel a Pre-K site will fill up, please complete an online registration, and if necessary, ask to be placed on the waiting list. Waiting lists help us show demand for the program and could lead to additional sites being granted to the school system.


Who May Register a Child to Attend a Public School in Bulloch County?  
Because Bulloch County Schools is a public school system for children who reside in Bulloch County, no individual who resides outside the boundaries of Bulloch County may be registered to attend its schools. An exception applies only to children of full-time employees of Bulloch County Schools.  


Don’t Wait – Register During the Annually Announced Window
Register during the designated window. The number of children eligible for Pre-K fluctuates each year. Sites that do not have enough students could risk closure, and the school system does consider out-of-zone registrations for parents who are willing to provide their own transportation. For these reasons, it is best not to miss the designated registration week. Please do not wait to register and assume a site will have enough space for your child.


Eligibility for Bulloch County Schools’ Pre-K Program
Pre-Kindergarten students must be four-years-old on or by September 1, of the school year in which they wish to enroll. Children who are five-years-old on or before Sept. 1, who have not attended a GA Pre-K for more than 30 days, are also eligible for Pre-K unless you prefer your child to go to Kindergarten. Kindergarten registration is held annually usually during the first week of May.


Which Bulloch County Schools Pre-Kindergarten Site May My Child Attend?
Parents/guardians must register Pre-Kindergarten children for the school he/she is zoned to attend. Find your attendance zone. All  Pre-Kindergarten registrations are completed through the school district's online registration system. Please review our registration instructions, including how to get help to complete the application from your zoned school.

Priority is given to children within a school's attendance zone. Selection is based on a lottery drawing. Students from outside a school's attendance zone will be considered if all spaces are not filled with students who live within their attendance zone.

If you are willing to provide transportation for your child, you may consider a site that is not in your school zone. The Out-of-Zone Pre-Kindergarten request questions are embedded within the online registration system. Please note: If a child attends an out-of-zone Pre-K site, the child will then attend Kindergarten at his/her zoned elementary school unless a House Bill 251 School Choice/School Transfer Request has been requested and approved by the district. 


Twins (Children of Multiple Births)

Children of multiple births (i.e. twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) will be treated as one applicant during the Pre-K lottery. However, each child must be registered online. The enrollment of children of multiple births will not exceed the state allowance without prior approval from Bright from the Start.  


Lottery Draw & Waiting Lists

Unlike grades K-12 for which we accommodate each child in Bulloch County who registers for school, Pre-Kindergarten is an optional program and the Georgia Department of Early Learning decides and approves how many sites  and student spaces our school system can host. This does limit the number of children we can register, but we do provide a Pre-K Lottery, waiting lists, and lists of other Pre-K sites in the community.

To be considered for the school system's lottery drawing and waiting lists for available spaces, the child's online Pre-Kindergarten registration process and documentation must be completed by the announced deadline.


May a child remain in the lottery drawing for an out-of-zone spot if the child has received a spot at his or her attendance-zone school?

No, the child may not remain on the waiting list. Approval for a child to be included in any Pre-K lottery drawing does not guarantee placement if the child receives placement for a spot at his or her attendance zone school.


What if I register after the Pre-K lottery drawing?

Children who are registered after the Pre-K Lottery drawing will be automatically placed at the bottom of the waiting list for their zoned school and alternate school if indicated. 


If my child attends Pre-K at a Bulloch County Schools' site that is not in our attendance zone but an alternate site in the school district, where will my child go to Kindergarten?

After the completion of Pre-K, the child must attend Kindergarten at his or her attendance-zone school unless a House Bill 251 School Choice/Transfer Request has been approved.


School Calendar, School Day & Transportation

All Pre-K classes follow Bulloch County Schools' calendar for the length of the school year and the elementary school day.

Transportation via school bus is available within each school's attendance zone.

Parents are responsible for transportation if the student is enrolled in a class outside of his/her assigned attendance zone.


Special Note for those in the Mill Creek Elementary and Brooklet Elementary School Attendance Zones

Mill Creek Elementary has three classrooms with two at Mill Creek Elementary and one at Statesboro High School,  Brooklet Elementary has two classrooms with one at Brooklet Elementary and one at Southeast Bulloch High School. Campus assignments to these Pre-K sites are through a random drawing during the Pre-K Lottery Drawing.  Once a parent has accepted a Pre-K placement for a child, there is no option to transfer between the main site and the satellite site. Transportation is provided for  these Pre-K students to the satellite site.

Automatic Placement Conditions

  • Children who meet the above requirements and are children of a Bulloch County Schools full-time employee may obtain automatic placement in a Pre-K classroom. For this to occur, the parent/legal guardian must be a Bulloch County Schools full-time employee during the Pre-K Registration window. Additionally, registration must be completed during the online registration period to be accepted (no exceptions).
  • Full-time employees, who work at one of our elementary or high schools may choose either the pre-kindergarten site at the school in which they work or the pre-kindergarten site at their attendance zone school. Our full-time employees, who work at a middle school, may select their attendance zone school or feeder school. All other full-time employees must select their attendance zone school for automatic placement. 
  • Children who receive automatic placement will be distributed among the pre-k classes and/or schools within the attendance zone as needed.  
  • Priority is given to students with certain special needs, and six of these students will be selected as automatic placements for the Inclusion Classroom located at Langston Chapel Elementary School before the lottery each year. This classroom has a maximum size of 18 students. Other students with special needs may be considered for automatic placement in any Pre-K classroom before the lottery.
  • Students with special needs are considered for automatic placement on a case-by-case basis; not all students will receive automatic placement.  
  • If it is determined that a child has received placement in a state-funded Pre-k program by the second state roster reporting deadline, the child will be removed from the waiting list.