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Pre-K Lotteries & Waiting Lists

A Pre-Kindergarten lottery is held for each school zone where there are more registered students than available class slots.  Lottery drawings for the 2020-2021 school year will occur March 23, 2020 through Friday, March 27, 2020. The lottery times and dates at each school site are listed below.

A lottery is defined as a process or outcome which is governed by chance; therefore, parents do not choose which Pre-K site their child will attend in that zone. For school zones where there is more than one Pre-K site (i.e. an elementary site and a high school site), one lottery will be used to place children in that zone’s available slots. 

To be considered for the Pre-Kindergarten lottery drawing, you must complete the registration process and submit any out-of-zone forms (if necessary) online by Friday, March 13, at midnight. School offices will not schedule any registration appointments or receive any documentation after 2 p.m., on March 13, 2020. Two evening registration nights are scheduled for February 25 and March 5, from 4:30 - 7 p.m., at the Bulloch County Board of Education.

Lottery drawings are open to the public. See schedule below. Parents do not have to be present for their child to be chosen. However, parents of all students chosen during the lottery must formally accept the enrollment. This can be done after the lottery. Parents who do not attend the lottery will be notified using the contact information (phone number) provided during registration. Parents are encouraged to contact the school to accept their spot.

2020 Schedule for Pre-K Lottery Drawings 

School Date Time
Nevils Elementary March 23 9 a.m.
Langston Chapel Elementary March 23 3 p.m.
Mattie Lively Elementary March 24 9 a.m.
Brooklet Elementary & Southeast Bulloch High* (both at Brooklet Elementary) March 24 3 p.m.
Stilson Elementary School March 25 9 a.m.
Mill Creek Elementary &
Statesboro High School* (both at MCES)
March 25 3 p.m.
Julia P. Bryant Elementary School March 26 9 a.m.
Portal Elementary School March 26 3 p.m.
Sallie Zetterower Elementary  March 27 9 a.m.

Please note the following:

  • High school sites are paired with an elementary school in that zone.
  • We ensure that all of our Pre-K classes have a guaranteed and viable curriculum. Our students have an equal opportunity to be immersed in a positive learning environment and have educational experiences which focus on the Pre-K developmental standards. 
  • We understand the importance of providing students with an early start with their educational experiences as well as providing a smooth transition to kindergarten in their zone school.
  • As vacancies occur within a Pre-K classroom, applicants will be notified from the waiting list which will be in the order of the names drawn in the lottery. 
  • Applicants who registered after the registration window are placed on the waiting list in the order that the packet was received.

Pre-K Waiting List - A Pre-K waiting list is defined as a list of children, who are awaiting possible placement in a Pre-K site. Each zone has one waiting list. For school zones where there is more than one Pre-K site (i.e. an elementary site and a high school site), the two sites share a single waiting list. 
Children are placed on a waiting list if they did not receive placement at a Pre-K site in their zone due to full enrollment. Children may also be placed on a waiting list for a Pre-K site that is not in their zone. 
If a child receives placement in a Pre-K site, the parent can either accept or deny the placement. In an instance where there are two Pre-K sites in a zone (an elementary and a high school site) and a family participated in a Pre-K Lottery, the child received placement at a Pre-K site, and the parent denied placement at that site, the child will not be placed on a waiting list at the other Pre-K site within that same zone because the sites share a single waiting list.


Why are Pre-K Lotteries & Waiting Lists Necessary?

The Georgia Department of Early Learning (also known as Bright from the Start) administers Georgia Pre-K and Bulloch County Schools hosts Pre-K sites on each of its elementary and high school campuses. Unlike grades K-12 for which we accommodate each child in Bulloch County who registers for school, Pre-Kindergarten is an optional program and the Georgia Department of Early Learning decides and approves how many sites our school system can host. This does limit the number of children we can register, but we do provide lists of other Pre-K sites in the community and a waiting list for our sites.


Bulloch County Schools has 11 pre-k sites with a total of 20 classrooms that have 18-22 children each for a total of 446 available seats. For this reason, demand may exceed space, so it is important to register during the announced Pre-Kindergarten Registration period. Even if you feel a Pre-K site will fill up, please complete a registration packet, and if necessary, ask to be placed on the waiting list or ask about other sites in and out of your school zone.  Waiting lists help us show demand for the program and could lead to additional sites being granted to the school system.

May a child remain on an out-of-zone wait list after they have accepted a spot at his or her attendance-zoned school? 

Yes, the child may remain on the out-of-zone list until faculty pre-planning begins, which is the week prior to the new school year.


What if I register after the Pre-K lottery drawing?

Children who are registered after the Pre-K Lottery drawing will be automatically placed at the bottom of the waiting list for their zoned school and alternate school if indicated. 

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