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High School Eligibility for Participation in Competitive Interscholastic Activities

All students participating in competitive interscholastic activities, as defined by Georgia High School Association, must be on track for graduation and meet eligibility requirements. 

Eligibility is based on the subjects/units passed the previous term and being on track which is based on the accumulated units at the end of each school year.  Summer school is considered part of the second semester.

First-year students (entering ninth grade) are eligible academically.  To be eligible to participate in interscholastic activities, a student must not have reached his/her 19th birthday prior to May 1, preceding the year of participation.

If spring semester and summer school are being used to determine fall eligibility, then the semester averages and subjects passed will involve all subjects taken in spring semester and summer school. The course must be listed in the school course offering and credit must be applied toward graduation.  Independent study course credit taken in summer school is not acceptable for gaining eligibility.  In determining eligibility for students, summer school credits earned on non-accredited home study programs or non-accredited private schools are not recognized. Accreditation recognized under this rule shall be from one of the following: Georgia Accrediting Commission, a national or regional accreditation agency. Eligibility is concerned with subjects/units passed the previous semester, and grades made in that semester.

If a student has an incomplete, all work must be completed within the first 14 calendar days after the close of the semester.  Students who are ineligible for extracurricular activities cannot participate in any competitive interscholastic activity.  Ineligible students cannot practice or travel with the team or program even though the team or program will not be in operation until the next school year.

Students must be present for one-half or more of the school day on the day of the activity in order to  participate in that activity unless granted permission by the principal or his/her designee.

All other academic eligibility requirements can be found in your school's athletic handbook, Georgia High School Association policy, or specific region policy.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association may not accept credits earned in computer-based courses. Courses within the Edgenuity virtual platform for grades 9-12 are NCAA approved.  The school district has altered some of the Edgenuity courses, but the district has taken the necessary steps to ensure these courses remain approved. The National Collegiate Athletic Association does not accept math support classes as core math courses.