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Accommodation & Prioritization of Requests

Please note that how requests are accommodated and prioritized has been temporarily changed due to the Novel Coronavirus and required social distancing for public health.

In the event that more requests are received than can be accommodated based on space, requests will be prioritized in the following manner:

  • Siblings of special education students who are required by the district to be placed at a particular non-zoned school due to lack of required services within their attendance zone.
  • Children or step-children of current full-time Bulloch County Schools employees who request a placement which meets one or more of the following criteria:
    • School requested is one which is within the attendance zone of the primary work location; or
    • School requested allows the student to stay in the same feeder pattern, even if the employee’s work location has changed since initial acceptance under School Choice
  • Students for whom the request would allow continued enrollment at the school of origin or the next school within the feeder pattern, but would ordinarily require a transfer due to change of attendance zone after moving to a new residence.
  • Students who will enter sixth grade or ninth grade, and who are currently in an elementary or high school within the same feeder pattern.
  • Students with siblings in the same primary household scheduled to attend the requested school due to previous approval through School Choice Privilege or other authorization.
  • If more applications are received than space available for a particular grade, program, or school, and if, after the prioritization methods listed above are exhausted, a final method is needed to prioritize applications, a lottery drawing shall be conducted. If lottery drawings are needed, the district shall have the authority to conduct via electronic live streaming in order to comply with social distancing recommendations and requirements.