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Available Space for 2021-2022

For a School Choice Privilege request to be considered for approval, space must be available after a school’s assigned students have been enrolled. The window for 2020-2021 requests is now closed.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the schools that are open to receive School Choice Privilege transfer requests will be listed here prior to and during the annual application window, typically held the first two weeks of May.  This information will be communicated to all parents.

Schools with available space 2021-2022
  • The list of schools will be posted in May 2021
Points to Consider
  • Applications for schools that are not open to receive requests will be accepted when the request is to allow a child to attend the same school as a special needs sibling who was placed by Bulloch County Schools at a closed school due to lack of services required at the sibling's home school.
  • Full-time employees of Bulloch County Schools may submit a School Choice Privilege transfer request for a closed school only if one of the following two criteria are met:
    • School requested is one which is within the attendance zone of the primary work location; or
    • School requested allows the student to stay in the same feeder pattern, even if the employee’s work location has changed since initial acceptance under School Choice Privilege.
  • The number of spaces available at open schools will not be pre-determined in advance of the application submission window in order to allow the district to consider the net effect of application approval at each school by grade and program.
  • Any special programs required by the student must be available at the school requested. Policy JBCCA: Student Assignment to Schools does not provide that the district allow for transfers to schools where special programs do not already exist. 

Note: Portal Middle High School is a combined, single campus for grades 6-12; however, for school choice the available space for middle school and high school will be calculated separately.