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Virtual Learning Program Platforms: Edgenuity & SchoolsPLP

Schools PLP for Grades K-5

This is how you can login and view sample lessons from Schools PLP, the virtual learning platform for K-5.

  • These Schools PLP examples are not first-day-of-school samples, nor do they reflect a lesson in its entirety.
  • They are randomly selected and may appear at first glance as too advanced for an age group. Remember when you review these sample lessons that the instruction will allow students multiple opportunities to learn the lesson's skills in multiple ways toward mastery of an academic standard.
  • A student's individual skill level will determine if it is necessary to complete every component in a lesson.
  • The components are designed to appeal to different learning styles.
  • While Schools PLP's instruction will not be led by Bulloch County Schools' faculty, it will be monitored and facilitated by our faculty, who will provide additional remediation and enrichment opportunities for students. 

Step One

Login to SchoolsPLP and then enter this username and password. 
username: parent
password: learn

Note: Do not click the box login as a Parent because you are going to view the lessons as a sample student.

virtual learning login sample

Step Two:

Once you login select "Work on this course" to click through and view sample lessons.

Sample lessons login graphic

Step Three

The first folder contains Parent and Teacher Guides. The next folders contain sample lessons which teach each skill in various ways to meet student’s individualized learning styles.  Language Arts and Math sample lessons are shown for this tour of the platform. The Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education lessons at each grade level are designed in the same curriculum layout and style.

Sample virtual lessons graphic

Edgenuity for Grades 6-12

Bulloch County Schools offers an online Virtual Learning Program option for grades 6-12 through Edgenuity, and additional course offerings for grades 9-12 through Georgia Virtual School. For more information about these courses, check out the sample videos on this page, contact your school's guidance counselor, or contact the school district's Office of School Improvement.

Edgenuity and Georgia Virtual School are both online learning platforms with whom the school district has had a successful partnership for more than 10 years to provide non-traditional learning environments, course recovery, and additional course credit obtainment options for middle and high school students.

Edgenuity Sample Lessons