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Promotion Requirements for Grades 9-12

High school students are awarded credits in compliance with local Board policy JBC(4) Awarding Units and Transferring Credit. The school system shall develop and implement procedures for promoting students between grade levels based on credits earned. The Bulloch County Board of Education shall require all schools governed by its authority to abide by the State Board of Education Rule 160-4-2-.13, which specifies how state-adopted assessments for designated high school courses will serve as the final exam and that the exam measure will comprise 20 percent of the student’s final course grade.

High School Course Credit Requirements

In high school students must earn academic course credits to be promoted to the next grade and to be a candidate for graduation:

Academic Credits Grade Level
Earn a total of 6 credits To be promoted to 10th grade
Earn a total of 12 credits To be promoted to 11th grade
Earn a total of 18 credits To be promoted to 12th grade

Earn a total of 24 credits

  • 4 math
  • 4 science
  • 4 social studies
  • 4 English language arts
  • 3 Career Technical Agricultural Education, Fine Arts, or Foreign Language
  • 1 Health / Personal Fitness
  • 4 General Electives
To be a candidate for graduation

For student athletes whose high school courses are on a 4-by-4 block schedule, the student athlete must pass three courses per semester to remain academically eligible to play sports.