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School Week 37 ( April 10 - 16, 2022)

Cases Reported: Two cases - Statesboro High School (1) and William James Middle School (1)

Last Update: 9 a.m., April 21, 2022

Total Cases for Week 37: 2
Total Close Contacts due to Week 37 Cases: School district no longer conducts contact tracing
Total Clusters for Week 37: 0
Total Student Enrollment: 11,000
Number of Students on Campus: 10,606
Number of Virtual Students: 394
Total Employees On-Campus:  2,203
Total Employees Working Virtually: 45

Note: These are cases and close contacts that have occurred amongst students and employees. The data include those that happen both at school and in community. Not all cases or close contacts have been at school. A person may be identified as a close contact more than once.  No COVID-19 testing is done in the school district and no medical entities report positive cases to the district.  All cases are self reported by parents and employees; therefore, the school district is unable to control the time it takes for a confirmed-positive case to be reported to the school district and then therefore begin contact tracing.

Contact Tracing Ends: In accordance with updated guidance from the Georgia Department of Public Health, the school district ended contact tracing at 8 p.m. of January 14, 2022.